“I am a creature of the Fey Prepare to give your soul away My spell is passion and it is art My song can bind a human heart And if you chance to know my face My hold shall be your last embrace. I shall be thy lover...", Heather Alexander
  • Coat, Prada.
  • Coat, Miu Miu.
  • Jacket, trousers, shoes; fur coat, all Louis Vuitton.
  • Coat, Prada.
  • Trenchcoat, Louis Vuitton; dress, Miu Miu.
  • Fur coat, Louis Vuitton.
  • Dress, Miu Miu.
  • Fur coat; jacket and trousers, all Louis Vuitton.
  • Coat, shoes; dress. all Miu Miu.

Photography | Nikita Shaletin.

Styling | Anna Zubkova.

MUAH | Alena Pavlova.

Model | Nastya Tretyakova.

Producer | Dalel Bissetayeva.

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