Hailing from South Sudan by the way of Australia, model of the moment Nyadak 'Duckie' Thot unveils her inner goddess, a celestial warrior envisioned by Danish artist and photographer Oliver Katibi Stalmans.

  • Coat, Miu Miu;
  • Boots, Nicholas K;
  • ring, Swarovski.
  • Corset, ZANA BAYNE;choker necklace, all Eddie Borgo.
  • Dress, Nicholas K;
  • earring, Eddie Borgo;
  • rings, Kenneth Jay Lane.


Manifested onto earth in times of great separation.

A interdimensional being crystalized into material A offspring of true divinity. Armed with a sword of peace and amor of love she is here to fight the unseen war.

A holy war that has been way BC. She’s the last drop of purity within the field of the masked.

Here to cut through the illusions that has blindfolded mankind.

With talents and features so great she is sure to be tested within the field of desire throughout the moment she enters.

Dipping her feet in various forms of expression she indeed loves and appreciates aspects of the created matrix and you may see her appear here and there - but have no doubt She will never give in or sell out. 

She is beyond the worth of any material or currency man can offer.

She remembers. Awakened from youth she will know the game and how to play.

She will know the worth of the magic she seeds and most importantly that her true mission will be one in disguise 

She may be led astray and invitations to join secrecy are of the many 

But to her non of this is of matter.

Why settle for a blinky eye when both are fully open. programmed beyond programs.

With Instincts shaper than a knife and eyes that can’t be hypnotized She is fueled and ready.




  • Coat, Tod's;
  • necklace, Eddie Borgo.
  • Dress, Miu Miu;
  • boots, Nicholas K;
  • choker, Eddie Borgo;
  • ring, Dior;
  • bangels, R J Graziano;
  • corset, ZANA BAYNE.
  • Ring, Dior.
  • Dress, Dior;
  • skirt, Missoni;
  • corset, ZANA BAYNE;
  • necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane.
  • Gown, Dior.
  • Gown, Dior.
  • Both dresses, Miu Miu; corset, choker, ZANA BAYNE; headpiece, YUNA YANG; rings, R J GRAZIANO; bondeau, Dior.
  • Sweater, Alexander Wang;
  • dress worn as a skirt, shorts, all Dior;
  • Nicholas K;
  • corset, ZANA BAYNE;
  • necklace as a headpiece, BEN-AMIUN.
  • Necklace, YUNA YANG.
  • Sweater dress, Nicholas K;
  • corset, ZANA BAYNE.
  • Coat, Miu Miu.
  • Corset, ZANA BAYNE.
  • Sweater dress, Nicholas K.
  • Dress, Missoni;
  • earring, Eddie Borgo;
  • corset, ZANA BAYNE;
  • rings, Dior.
  • Dress, Dior.
  • Coat, Miu Miu;
  • corset, ZANA BAYNE;
  • ring, Swarovski.

When you’re being introduced to New York fashion scene by none other than Kanye West, when industry heavyweights Pat McGrath and Edward Enninful become your fashion fairy godmother and godfather, when you pose next to Rihanna and take the leading role in the revolutionary Pirelli calendar edition, it means that it’s only a matter of time until you’re declared a supermodel of your generation. BLVD catches up with phenomenal Duckie Thot, our Summer 2017 covergirl who’s taking the world by storm.

You were born in South Sudan, raised in Australia and now you’re based in New York. How do you identify yourself culturally? Which place do you call home? 

My family is in Melbourne, Australia and I was born there so I would consider that home although I was raised in a strong South Sudanese household. I definitely have a strong connection with the country and I’m really looking forward to visiting. I also speak the language – I was raised speaking both English and Nuer. And I’m still learning how to cook South Sudanese food.

You’re often being referred to as the “next Naomi”. Do you find these comparisons flattering?

I think that Naomi Campbell is a strong woman who knows what she wants and has shown that through her working career. I also know where I want to be going but I have a LONG way to go before I even come close to her. 

With your massive social media following and trailblazing career, you’re a perfect role model for many young aspiring models. Growing up, did you have any role models? 

Strong women and women who voiced their opinions have always motivated me. Women who aren’t afraid to break the mold and stand up for themselves in all industries have been a great encouragement to me. I look to all women for inspiration and I would advise all young girls to do that same. 

What could be changed in the current state of modeling industry and which particular issues, in your opinion, are worth speaking up against? 

I’d love to see models to go back to the sizes and body types of the “supers” I really look up to models like Naomi, Christy, Linda, Kate. These are all beautiful women who were themselves who didn’t have to conform to a certain sizes/height restrictions etc. It was all about the beauty!

How and where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Of course as a successful model but I would also like to expand my career into acting. I also would like to go South Sudan and give back to the community there, I’d love to build a group of women’s clinics in more remote parts of the country for communities that do not have access to medical help.

What’s your dream modeling gig and why?

I’d love to shoot the Chanel campaign with Karl Lagerfeld and walk for them in Paris.

If all music suddenly disappeared and you could only save one song, which one would you choose and why?

Sinner Man by Nina Simone – she is one of my idols, not only was she an amazing singer but her work for the civil rights movement is a true inspiration

If you could choose any profession (besides modeling), which career path would you consider and why? 

I’d be a professional basketball  player! It’s my hidden talent  ;)

If you had to choose one quote as your words to live by, which one would it be?

If God if for you, who can stand against you?

Model Duckie Thot @ New York Model Management;

Hair by Lizzie Arneson @ BRIDGE using Oribe;

Creative direction and postproduction: Thrivestudio.

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