Linda Farrow art director Tracy Sedino is a proud owner of two unbearably cute kitties – British shorthair Prada and Prada’s son Miu Miu.

Prada’s first significant fashion gig was nothing less than a Linda Farrow campaign in which the charming creature took part as a model. Miu Miu’s modeling career is yet to be kickstarted – but this fact obviously doesn’t stop this brilliant duo from being one purr-fect cat family. Photography | Vasily Agrenenko

How long are you together?
It is going to be two and a half years now.


Is there a story behind Prada’s name?
It was her colour, she reminded me of Prada’s Spring/Summer 2006 ad campaign, it actually had kittens in it.


Tell us more about Prada’s family background.
Prada is a full bred Britsih Shorthair, I bought her from breeders.


Tell us about the father of Miu Miu kittens?
Once Prada was being babysat by my boyfriend, Jack Balfour Scott. She managed to sneak out and immediately got pregnant by his neighbours cat, thankfully it was a Bengal.


Which famous feline character from pop culture is your favourite?
Puss in Boots, for sure.


Why, in your opinion, throughout the history, cats always held a special place in people’s life?
Personally, my cats are independent and also sweet. It’s that perfect balance of having a pet, but not an annoying one you have to constantly look after. Also they clean themselves and are very hygienic.


What would you do if Prada (brand) wanted to make your cat the lifetime ambassador of the brand, but you’d have to give her away forever? 
Hmmm, do I get free products from Prada for life! LOL… Of course I wouldn’t — she is my baby, but that is a difficult one.


You have a lot of friends in the industry — fashion insiders, media figures — who’s Prada’s favorite?
I guess it would be my boyfriend, Jack from Junior Empire. He is Prada’s and Miu Miu’s daddy.

По часовой стрелке:

1 - кадр из рекламной кампании Linda Farrow;

2 - фото из личного архива;

3 - фото из личного архива;

4 - Prada в очках Linda Farrow;

5 - Prada с моделью Себастьяном Сове.


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